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Nominations for the 2018 Award open on 8 December 2017
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The Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal is a prestigious annually awarded prize acknowledging the significant contribution of an individual to the protection, enhancement or promotion of Australia’s heritage; where heritage refers to natural, built, social, or cultural heritage.

Eligibility criteria

The Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal is awarded on merit. It is a prestigious heritage award, gifted to an individual who has:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to protecting, promoting or enhancing the value of Australia’s heritage that goes beyond their day to day role
  2. Made a lasting contribution to Australia’s natural, built, social and/or cultural heritage
  3. Positively influenced the value of Australia’s heritage on a national or international level

Nominees should have:

  1.         Made an impact on or be a positive influence on the value of Australia’s heritage
  2.         Personal integrity


  1.         Do not need to be currently working in or wholly focused on the heritage or history field to be eligible for this award
  2.         Should ordinarily be permanent residents of Australia
  3.         Must agree to be included in the nomination process

Media provisions:

A high-resolution image of the nominee is requested to be included as part of the nomination for the Medal. Shortlisted nominees will be requested to supply a one minute video for inclusion i nthe Awards night presentation. A brief for the video will be provided at the time of advice regarding shortlisting. These items will be used to promote the Medal on a range of media channels (print, online, TV) and in the Award’s media kit. In providing these items the nominee agrees to them being used across a broad range of media to promote the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal and their involvement in the nomination process.

Nominations close:  5pm AEST Friday 23 February 2018


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